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Celebrity Endorsements

Fortune Magazine World’s Most Admired list is the definitive measure of corporate reputation. So it should come as no surprise that when Most Admired companies use celebrities to represent their brands, they tend to select some pretty high-wattage individuals. Fortune asked the Q Scores Company, which produces data on consumers’ emotional connections with celebrities and other figures, to provide Q Scores for “brand ambassadors” associated with several of the companies on the WMAC Top 50 All-Stars list. A high Q Score, says Henry Schafer, executive vice president of the company, implies trust, integrity, believability and strong emotional bonds. (The typical celebrity, Schafer says, enjoys awareness from about 30% of the population, and of those who are aware of the celebrity, about 16% say that individual is a favorite personality

The actor and director, who has starred in the coffee company’s commercials since 2006, enjoys off-the-charts popularity. Schafer says 85% of consumers are aware of Clooney (a whopping 55 points above the typical celebrity) and that he has a Q Score of 22, which means 22% of the population of people familiar with Clooney say he is one of their favorite personalities. On its website, Nespresso says Clooney “has charmed fans and coffee aficionados as the perfect personification of the understated elegance and authenticity that make Nespresso what it is today.”